Lekenit Ltaason Isaiah




Isaiah was selected by his father as the only child in his family to go to school. He joined preschool in 2002. Since then, Isaiah has been pursuing his education with zeal and determination to take full advantage of the opportunity. Since joining primary school, he has pushed himself to improve, and he was in second position in his final year. In his KCPE exams he had marks of 328 and he received a place at Good Shepherd Boy’s School, a very good school. When he is not studying, he enjoys playing sports, especially soccer, and also likes reading adventure stories. Born in 1995, Isaiah is the fourth born with six brothers and one sister. His family is nomadic, traveling to different areas in search of pasture for their animals. When he is not at school, Isaiah helps look after the goats and cattle, but the primary responsibility for the animals lies with his older brothers and one younger brother. Unfortunately, Isaiah lost his mother in 2003, putting additional strain on the children and his father. With a seventy year old father, all of the children are expected to help take care of each other and the family’s livestock. Two of his younger brothers live with their aunts and uncles helping to care for their animals and his youngest brother has been taken care of by his older sister who is married. Even after the death of his mother, Isaiah continues to follow her advice “always aim higher” and is eager to join high school.


Lekinit Isaiah Ltaason Lekinit Isaiah Ltaason
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