Lekerpees Longuroin  Jacob




Jacob is a pleasant young man whose smile makes those around him share in his cheer. He has led a tough life, losing his mother in 2009 when he was only 14 years old. Though that year was tough and he was unable to attend school, Jacob returned even more determined to do well for his family. As the eldest, Jacob feels a sense of responsibility to help his father, stepmother and siblings so that they can survive through harsh times. He has six siblings and he is the only one that is attending school. His family’s livelihood depends on their livestock, an unstable source of income in a near desert environment where the constant droughts impact water and grazing conditions. His father has seen others succeed once they are educated and hopes that Jacob will achieve similar success. Jacob started at a small, nomadic preschool in his village, and continued to Ndonyo Wasin Primary School in 2003. He has worked hard to succeed in school and he achieved marks of 298 in the KCPE exams. He was accepted by Maralal High school which is a national school. He enjoys math and loves to read but mostly loves to learn about the world from every point of view possible. This interest in new perspectives has led Jacob to an interest in becoming a pilot or something similar that can take him beyond what he learns in books. When he takes a break from his studies, Jacob enjoys playing soccer with his friends. Jacob is excited to attend high school and hopes to find new opportunities and experiences wherever his future path may take him.


Lekerpees Longuroin Jacob Lekerpees Longuroin Jacob
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