Lekesike Kennedy




Date of birth: Kennedy was born in April 1999
KCPE results: 335
Family: Kennedy’s family comes from the Lotoriari area 5 kilometers from Sereolipi village. Kennedy has four sisters. And they live in a large traditional nomadic manyatta with his uncles and cousins.
Schooling: Kennedy is academically outstanding. He is hard working, persistant and self disciplined. He is kind and considerate of others, makes considered choices and is very polite to both teachers and other students. He says the key to his success is to use all the free periods at school to make sure he understands what he has just been taught. His father has always encouraged him and he says this helps too. He was the maths group leader for class 8 last year and led the whole program — assigning homework and study topics, setting tests and going around the groups and helping the students. He is a great reader and he says he has read every book in the library.
Kennedy achieved marks of 335 in his class 8 exams and was offered a place at Baringo Boys high school which is one of the top 50 schools in the country. Fees for this are much more expensive than the average high school and although Kennedy’s father works as a policeman in Wamba, it is well known in Kenya that policemen are very badly paid and there is simply no way he can afford to send his son to such a good school.


Lekesike Kenedy Lekesike Kenedy
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