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Jeniffer was born in 1998. She has an elder brother and she is the last born in their family- his elder brother is helping her mother look after the livestock. She loves school but she also loves to go home during the holidays and always goes with her brother to look after the animals as soon as she can. Her favorite book at school is the “ The knife” . She has has been active in school playing soccer and she has been participating in the famous”Jabulani Cup” organized by SENET for all its supported schools- its is an event organized in September every year.

She graduated in 2012 in sereolipi primary school scoring 229 marks. She developed interest to work in tourist hotels. She got this inspiration when she visited a number of hotels in Samburu game lodge and in Meru Town. She enrolled in a food production course at Nkubu youth polytechnic.

Jeniffer has enormous courage and persistence. She is well aware what her life would be like without her chance to get this opportunity to go to technical school.


Jenifer Lekesike Jenifer Lekesike
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