Lekiale Jacinta




Jacinta was born in 1998 and lives in Sereolipi village. She is the second born in her family. She has 2 sisters and one brother. Her parents are Samburu and come from traditional nomadic pastoralist families. Jacinta is an excellent student and has consistently been at the top of her class and in her exams at the end of class 8 she achieved marks of 297. English and Science are her favorite subjects and she was the top student in those two subjects.
Unlike most of her school mates her father does have a wage paying job. He went to high school and then to technical school to be a mechanic and driver. He is employed now as the driver of the ambulance in Sereolipi. Although it is a steady job it pays only $200 a month. It is barely enough to cover the food and housing for his family. Because Jacinta did so well in her exams she has received a place at a very good high school – one of the top 100 in the country — but the fees are much higher than the average high school and while her father could probably afford to send Jacinta to the local day school he would never be able to afford the fees for a good national boarding school.
Few of the girls in Samburu go on to secondary school and even fewer get the chance to go to a national high school. We know that Jacinta will do well at high school – she is clever, hardworking and persistent and if she does well in high school there is a very good chance that she will qualify for a place at a government subsidized university.
Jacinta says that she did well at school because she was determined to beat the boys and her mother gave her lots of support and encouragement. Jacinta has been a good role model to her siblings; she loves to help them with their homework as well as giving them advice on how to pass exams.


Lekiale Jacinta Lekiale Jacinta
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