Lekirapiti Saruni Gilbert




Born in 1996 in the nomadic pastoralist town of Sereolipi, Gilbert Saruni Lekirapiti is the oldest of a family of 3 boys and a girl. His father is a teacher in a primary school about 110 kilometers away from their home. His salary is about $200 a month and he is only home during the holidays. His father taught Gilbert the value of education from an early age, a lesson Gilbert has taken to heart. In this respect his life has been very different from most other Samburu boys. Many other Samburu boys joined him when he went to Imani preschool where he was taught from a blackboard scrawled with the ABC’s and numbers, propped against the trunk of a thorn tree, fewer would go on to Sereolipi Primary School, and almost none would perform at the same level as Gilbert, who in 2011 scored 320 points on the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education Exam and was accepted at Maralal High School. In Primary school his favorite subjects were English and Social Studies, and he is very interested in learning about the outside world from within his geographically and culturally isolated community. He looks forward to having more access to worldwide news and information once he enters Secondary School, and his goal afterwards is to join the Kenyan Air Force and secure a job that will help him to support his family.


Gilbert Sruni Lekirapiti Gilbert Sruni Lekirapiti
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