Lekokoyo Lkitiman Francis




Francis Likitiman Lekokoyo comes from Nesesiai. He is the first born of 9 children and was born in 1998. His father has 3 wives and through them he has 5 step siblings from each step mother. He currently has 16 living siblings.
He is the first child to go to school. He went to preschool in Nesesiai and has just completed his 8 years of primary school in Ndonyo Wasin.
Neither Nicholas’ mother nor father went to school so he is the first in his family to receive an education. They believe with schooling he will be able to help support their family in times of drought. He plans to finish his educated and help put his siblings through school.
His best subject is mathematics where he earned a 330 out of a possible 500. He loves helping people so the idea of being a doctor is interesting to him. There was a student sick with dysentery last year and he helped support him over a 200 meter walk to get him to the dispensary. This made him happy to be of help and hopes to be able to do more of this in the future.
At one point his father had a lot of cattle but he didn’t know understand the concept of saving so he traded them all for material things around their manyatta. When Francis finishes school he hopes to buy his father more cattle and teach him how to ration and spend on only things they highly need. When asked if he had all the money in the world what would he buy, Nicholas simply answered, “anything my mother needed”.


Lkitiman Francis Lekokoyo Lkitiman Francis Lekokoyo
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