Lekokoyo Ltamison




Simon was born in 2006 in Pareu, roughly 35 kilometers from Ndonyo Wasin. He is the second of eight children in his family, but only he and two siblings were sent to school. His other brothers and sisters live a traditional Samburu lifestyle, like his parents. Neither of his parents have any formal education, but live as pastoralists who migrate with their animals in search of water and pasture.

Simon began preschool in 2011 under a shady acacia thorn tree. The blackboard was propped up against the tree, the students sat on small stones and learned their letters and numbers. The following year, Simon was sent to join primary school at Ndonyo Wasin. His parents encouraged him to continue his studies and work hard because they believe that education cannot be affected by the drought and will help bring their family stability. When Simon was young, he became very sick and needed to go to the hospital. His father realized how crucial education is because his father was unable to understand the directions for medicine and dosage. Simon continued to get very sick and eventually an older student from school was able to help his father understand the medicine and dosage. It is no coincidence that Simon’s favorite subject is science and that he would like to become a doctor when he is older. In addition to being a great student, Simon played on the school soccer team and was selected the class prefect in both class 6 and class 7! He is a responsible and confident young man who is excited to continue his studies in high school.


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