Lekuchan  Johnson Boi




Johnson was born in 1992 and he started school later in life, at the age of 12 years. Johnson’s mother and father died when he was just 7 years old and he and his 2 younger brothers went to live with his aging grandparents. His grandfather gave Johnson the job of looking after the family cows. When his grandfather died Johnson was 11 and he assumed head of household. His grandfather’s eldest son inherited all the cattle and with no prospects at all Johnson decided to go to school with a view to changing his life for the better. He placed his two younger brothers with a distant aunt and uncle and then he joined Ilakwen preschool. Six months later he started in class one at Ndonyo Wasin Primary school. He was twice the age of most of the students there but he loved school, joined the soccer team and did as much learning as he could.

He graduated from Ndonyo Wasin School last year with marks of 294.


Johnson lekuchan Johnson Lekuchan
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