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Joseph Lekuchan was born in 1996 in the remote village of Ilakweny, the youngest of 3 boys. His parents would later have 4 girls as well, putting Joseph right in the middle. His family is a verytraditional nomadic pastoralist family which survives on the blood and milk from their cows and goats. While his older brothers stayed around the home and tended to the animals, Joseph’s parents sent him to the newly established local nomadic preschool in 2003, where he learned counting and ABC’s, all taught from a single blackboard leaning against the trunk of a thorn tree. From there his journey as a scholar began – in 2004 he went on to the Primary school in Ndonyo Wasin about 30km away from his home town. Joseph had an illness in 7th grade that led him to repeat the year, and then in 2011 his family lost most of their livestock in a drought. Despite these hardships, Joseph strove on through primary school and achieved marks of 270 in his KCPE exams. He received a place at Kirisia Boys School. Joseph owes his academic progress so far to his enthusiasm for learning combined with his drive to help support his family in the future. Some of his favorite subjects in Primary school were math, science and social studies, and he is looking forward to learning about Physics in high school. His dream job is to become a pilot and be able to support his family in the future so they will no longer be at the mercy of the weather and land conditions


Joseph Mjumbak Lekuchan Joseph Mjumbak Lekuchan
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