Lekudere  Fahim




Faim is 15 years old. He comes from Sordo which is a small village outside of Wamba and about 50 kilometers from Sereolipi. His mother is Rendile and his father is Samburu. His family is extremely poor. They have a few goats that are their main livelihood and his mother supplements their income by washing clothes and fetching water from hand dug wells in the river bed that are about 3 kilometers from the settlement.

Neither of Faim’s parents went to school but they have decided to educate all their children to the best of their ability. Faim is the oldest and he has 1 younger sister and 4 younger brothers who are all at Wamba CCM primary School.

Faim achieved 324 on his KCPE exams and comes recommended to us by both his headmaster and the District Education Officer who say he is a bright student who is very serious about his studies.


Fahim lekudere portrait Fahim Lekudere Portrait
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