Lekupanai Isaiah




Date of birth: Isaiah was born in 2001
KCPE results: 371
Family: Isaiah is the fourth born in a family of eight children. His family lives in Sereolipi village and are traditional nomadic pastoralists moving frequently during the drought periods to find pasture and water for their animals. His father died when he was young. They live alone with their mother no other relatives around. His older brother lives the traditional warrior life and looks after the animals. His mother does casual labor to feed her children, sometimes the first born gives them a goat to sell when they ask him to. Her mother went to school up to class three and was taken out to be prepared for marriage.
Schooling: In 2005 when he was 4 years old Isaiah’s mother took him to school because there were no animals to look after, as well pre-school had lunch for the kids and this helped her save a dime or two for dinner. He enjoyed preschool and quickly learned numbers and letters and in 2008 he joined Sere Olipi Primary School. He loved the school from his very first day and at school he has consistently been among the top students of the class. He is much focused and loves learning new things. He is sociable, optimistic, a great story teller and always has a ready smile for you. He also has a lot of common sense and makes wise choices, He has a strong sense of responsibility and duty and this is reflected in his readiness to volunteer for things that others don’t want to do and in his self-appointed responsibility for cleanliness in the dorms and showers. He believes one day he will be a doctor and save other kid’s fathers since his own dad died due to lack of proper modern treatment.
He achieved marks of 371 in his final exams in class 8 being the second best student in his class and he was accepted at Ribe Boys High School that is one of the top schools in the country.


Isaiah Lekupanai Isaiah Lekupanai
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