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Date of birth: Stephen was born in 2000
KCPE results: 377
Family: Stephen is the second born in a family of 7 children. He has 3 sisters and 3 brothers. His family lives in Sarara—about 26 km from Sereolipi—where he attended primary school. Stephen’s family are traditional nomadic pastoralists moving frequently during the drought periods to find pasture and water for their animals that are their only source of basic need.
Schooling: In 2007 when he was 7 years old Stephen’s father sent him to the Thorn Tree preschool in the Leitemu area. It took place under a shady tree with blackboard propped against the tree trunk. His parents are not educated but decided to take Stephen to school so that one day he will be able to get a job and send money home during the droughts, as other educated and working Samburu were doing. His father thought is good to have at least one of his children get education. The best option was Stephen who was old enough then. Of the seven children, Stephen is the only child at school and has taken advantage of every opportunity over the nine years he has been in school. He enjoyed preschool and quickly learned numbers and letters, so in 2009, his parents took him to Sere Olipi Primary School. He loved the school from his very first day and has always been the top student in class!
Stephen has exceptional leadership skills. He was class prefect twice and in his last year of school he was the head-boy. He is fair and thoughtful and wise in his decisions. He is creative problem solver — very clever at coming up with new ideas and new solutions. He is always thinking one step ahead of everyone else. Stephen is a very sociable and outgoing person with immense persistence and determination. He has a great deal of responsibility. He joined health club to help in cleaning the school he also plays soccer as a right wing striker.
He achieved marks of 377 in his final exams in class 8—the highest score of all our scholarship students! He was the top student and got accepted at Friends School Kamusinga, one of the top 10 high schools in Kenya!


Stephen Lekuraiyo Stephen Lekuraiyo
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