Lelelit  Silvio




Silvio is from Archers Post, a Samburu village about 50 kilometers from Sereolipi. Silvio has always been very serious about his studies and he came to Sereolipi School 4 years ago because his school in Archers Post was 4 kilometers away from the school and he felt he was wasting important study time walking the 8 kilometers a day to school and back. Sereolipi was the closest boarding school so his got a lift on top a truck and brought himself to school. He achieved marks of 353 in his exams at the end of Primary School and was first in the district.

His father is a traditional nomadic pastoralist who travels with their animals in search of grass and water. He has no education. His mother did go to primary school and she has been determined to send all of her children to school. She has built herself a house on the outskirts of Archer’s Post and her husband joins her when he can. The family lost almost all their animals in the recent drought and there is no way that they would ever be able to send Silvio to secondary school.


lelelit silvio Lelelit Silvio
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