lelemoira josphat




Josphant was born in 1996 and he is the first born of six children. His parents are nomadic pastoralists living in the Learata area. The second born who is in class four and josphant are the only children in the family who attend school. The other four children help their father look after 2 cows and 5 goats. The family is very poor even by Samburu standards that they cannot afford to pay josphant’s school fee and the same time buy maize flour to supplement their main meal-mixer of blood and milk.
Josphat has being attending learata primary school (one of the 3-schools supported by thorntree project) where he enjoyed mathematics. He was able to score well enough on the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exam to qualify for a scholarship for a 2-year Certification program at one of Kenya’s prominent technical schools, where he intends to study Metal processing technology. Josphant being from a nomadic pastoralist community that relies solely on their livestock for food. A drought can easily decimate an entire village, and students like him are realizing that with an education, employment and a steady income, they can insure themselves against the frequent and escalating droughts and also grow as individuals. Above all, Josphat is grateful for the support of the program and excited for the future.


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