Leleruk Raphael Alteno




He was born in 2005 in Laitemu, which is about 25 kilometers from Sereolipi town. He is the fourth of five children in his family and the only one who has ever attended school. All of his siblings live the traditional Samburu lifestyle as well, tending after the animals and migrating with them to find water and pasture. Raphael lives only with his mother, as his father passed away when he was very young. However, it is thanks to Raphael’s father that he is in school. Before he passed, he requested Raphael be sent to school because he noticed he was a very curious boy and would succeed in school. Since joining preschool in 2011, he has proved his father correct!

Raphael attended Leitemu preschool. The lessons took place under a shady acacia thorn tree, with the blackboard propped up against the tree and students using stones for seats. In 2012, Raphael was promoted to Sereolipi Primary School and has excelled ever since. His favorite subject is social studies because he likes learning history. When he finished high school and college, he would like to be a pilot so that he can explore the world and learn even more history. In addition to being a wonderful student, Raphael enjoys playing soccer with his friends and watching educational movies in the school library. When he is out of school and on holiday, he helps his mother look after the animals and fetch water.


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