Leleruk Sikukuu




He was born on Christmas Day in 2006, thus his name Sikukuu meaning feast in Kiswahili. He is the third of five children and is the only child in school. His father passed away when he was young, and so his mother and the other children live the traditional Samburu lifestyle, raising livestock. Sikukuu was able to join school after Julius, the current headmaster at Ndonyo Wasin, visited Sikukuu’s home and urged his mother to let him come to school. His mother agreed and he was able to begin Pareu preschool in 2011. The lessons were taught under an acacia tree with the blackboard propped against the trunk. The following year, he was promoted to Ndonyo Wasin Primary School. His mother continued to encourage Sikukuu in primary school, hoping that he would be able to support the family when the next drought arrived.

While at Ndonyo Wasin, math was his favorite subject. He said he loved formulas. When he finishes school Sikukuu would love to be a math teacher. He also enjoys playing soccer with his friends in order to relax after classes, and enjoys drawing pictures of animals and people. When he is on school holiday, he helps his family look after the animals.


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