Lelikoo Gabriel




Gabriel was born in 1996 at Sere olipi, a small town surrounded by hills and the bush in Samburu. His father has passed away, leaving his mother as the sole parent of four children,all boys. Gabriel’s mother continues to live the traditional life of a nomadic pastoralist and his family is very poor even by local standards, with only 3 cows and 14 goats among them. Although they supplement their diet with purchased food when they are able to, his younger siblings are still malnourished. Being the second born in his family, Gabriel is the only one to go to school since his brother was able to take tend to the livestock. Both Gabriel and his mother recognize his potential not only to contribute to his family but also to excel professionally—in addition to being a hardworking boy,he is a good communicator and has strong passion for making wooden equipments a desire that has led him to take a carpentry course at Nkubu youth polytechnic after scoring 213 marks in the KCPE exam.However,his mother will not be able to school Gabriel and provide for the family at the same time.


Gabriel Lelikoo Gabriel Lelikoo
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