Lelukai John




John Lejimpas is the first born in a family of six children. He was born in 1992. He has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. His parents are traditional nomadic pastoralist living in learata village at the base of the Ololokwe Mountain. They rely on the blood and milk from their cows for food and travel in search of water and grass for their animals during the dry season. John is the first child in his family to go to school. He first joined school in 2000 before dropping in 2003 to go and look after their livestock since his parents never knew the importance of education and had nobody to look after their livestock. He rejoined class 4 in 2006 after he convinced his father that he liked to go to school. His father agreed to resend him to school and he loved being in school. He graduated in 2012 with 213 marks. John’s mother makes bracelets and beaded belts to support the family as the few cows they have could not provide enough milk and blood especially during the dry spell. She sells this bracelets and belts to the local visiting tourist and with the little earnings she is able to provide her family with basic needs. John loved what his mother does, he got interested more on bracelets and on how the beads are embedded on leather belts and admires one day to get a skill on the same. As a result of his inspiration, John got a place at Nkubu youth polytechnic to pursue a course in leather work technology. This will add him more skills in leatherwork and would love to share this skills with his mother after finishing making better beaded leather belts and bags.


John L Lelukai John L Lelukai
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