Lelukai Mugo Philip




Name: PHILIP MUGO LELUKAI (modern name, given name, family name)
Date of Birth: Philip was born on the 28th January 2001
KCPE results: 352 (top 10% of the country)
Family: Philip is the third born in a family of eight. His parents, are traditional nomadic pastoralists who are currently living near the village of Lerata. His family migrate frequently during the dry seasons in search of grass and water for their cows and goats. Neither of Philip’s parents can read or write.
Schooling: Philip joined preschool in the village when he was 5 and then when he was 6 years old, joined Lerata Primary School (grades 1 to 8) Philip has always worked hard and he consistently been one of the top three students in class. His teachers describe him as outstanding – strong leadership skills, motivated and committed, good judgement and an excellent problem solver..He is a great writer and leads the school in languages — both English and Kiswahili. He loved reading at the weekends and often stayed so late that he had to lock the library up after him when he left. He was popular with both students and teachers and in his last year at school he volunteered to help class 6 with their mathematics: he found he really enjoyed teaching.
He was the team leader for English study groups in class 8 . He was on the school soccer team and he lead the Health Club — organizing them to keep the school clean and manage the environment.. Philip achieved marks of 352 in his KCPE exams and has a place at Nguviu High School. One of the top 50 schools in the country


Lelukai Philip Lelukai Philip
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