Lekupanai John Lemandei




Date of birth: John was born in 2001
KCPE results: 355
Family: John’s family live in Lekiji village at the outcast of Sere Olipi. His parents are traditional nomadic pastoralists who live off the milk, meat and blood of their cows and goats. He is the 3rd born of 7 children.
Schooling: In 2008 his father took him to Sereolipi Primary school in class one. There were no preschools near Lekiji their home village at the time. The first born was caring for the animals so John was free. His father had come across some of his childhood friends with big brick houses and after sharing stories he realized they got educated and saw their families looking well. He decided since he has a free son he will educate him. He wanted his family also to have an educated member. After joining class one John did not disappoint. He has always been among the top students in his class. He is a sociable and outgoing person with immense curiosity and determination. He is a great reader and is very patient and kind to the younger students. He is self-driven and selfless. He mostly volunteered to teach Mathematics on the blackboard to those who did not understand. John loves Maths and spends lots of time in the library looking up extra information around the things they learn in class and practicing with his study group. His experience while teaching his classmates on the blackboard inspires him to be a teacher one day.
John achieved marks of 355 in his final exams in class 8. He was the top third student in his class He received a place in Narok High School one of the best boy high schools in Kenya.


John Lemandei Lekupanai John Lemandei Lekupanai
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