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Irene Lemasalia was born in or around 1997 in the Samburu community of Sere Olipi. She is the 4th born out of 2 brothers and 4 sisters. At the age of 7 she went to Omar preschool and then her mother encouraged her to go to the local primary school, both for food and so she could “learn and have a good future.” Irene ended up excelling in school, particularly Science and Social Studies, and qualified on her KCPE exam scoring 267 marks and got admitted at Kibirisha girls high school in Meru.
Irene’s mother works as a matron at the primary school but her father has no useful skills or job. They have very few livestock and would never be able to send Irene to school by their own means. If she does not continue her education, her mother says she will “put on some beads and just lead a traditional Samburu girl lifestyle” which is not only becoming unsustainable but would put an end to the “academic lifestyle” that Irene prefers, and depends on for a job in the future. She has 1 older sister currently in high school but another dropped out and currently does nothing. Irene has dreams to fulfill so with a little external support she plans to go a long way.


Iren Lemalasia Iren Lemalasia
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