Lemeleny Enock




Enoch graduated from primary school 13 months ago in December 2007. He had achieved marks of 352 in his KCPE exams and was the top performing student in the whole division in 2007. He received a place at many schools including a top national school however his parents who were very poor decided to send him to a local school in Wamba town because it was the cheapest.
His parents live in Archer’s Post which is about 50 kilometers from Sereolipi. They lost all of their animals in the bad drought of 2006/7 and his father now works at the church in exchange for food and his mother works at a house maid to one of the nurses in town. Neither of his parents went to school but they both wanted at least two of their children to go to school. Enoch’s eldest sister was the first to go to secondary school. The mother’s small salary of $300 a year all goes to his sister’s school fees and they supplement this with handouts from relatives. For the past year they have tried to send Enoch to school but he was sent away from school to look for school fees so often that he was only at school for 6 out of the 9 months of the school year. In December the family realized that it was impossible for them to send Enoch to school and Enoch, in spite of being the best student in the division in 2007 started looking for casual labor.
Enoch has an outgoing personality, he is very positive in his thinking and strong in English. We believe Enoch deserves a chance to realize his potential. He has a place at Nyahururu Highway School for 2008 which is an excellent provincial school. He was the smartest student of his year and is quite capable of getting a good enough grade to go to University. It would be a waste of initiative and talent not to give him the opportunity


Lemeleny Enock at school Lemeleny Enock At School
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