Lemerketo Samuel




Samuel was born in 1996 and he lives in Sereolipi village. He is the sixth born of eight children. His parents are nomadic pastoralists who initially opposed his interest in attending preschool. Despite this, Samuel snuck off to school with his friends; his parents were eventually convinced by his teachers about the importance of his education. Samuel has always recognized his ability to sway others through debate and speech. His tenacity and determination have served him well in his pursuit of education. Although his academic scores were not as strong as the other Thorn Tree Scholarship students, his sponsors are convinced that with dedicated focus on his studies, he will be able to bolster his strengths as a speaker, improving his position within his class. In the long term, Samuel hopes to utilize his natural talents and education as a community leader.


Samuel Lemerketo potrait Samuel Lemerketo Potrait
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