lemerketo Pius Suleiman




Pius Suleiman Lemerketo is 14 years old, the second born out of 5 children. He was born in Archer’s Post and lived his entire life in the town of Sere Olipi with his family. He went to preschool at the local Thorn Tree school of Omar and then his parents sent him to Sere Olipi Primary school where he excelled at math and scored high enough with 301 marks on his KCPE to qualify for a chance at Kegonge high school in Runyenjes.
Pius’ parents have no jobs or sufficient livestock to support themselves, let alone enough money to send Pius to high school to continue his education. They are thrilled to learn that he’d performed well enough in school for a sponsorship but not surprised – according to his father, Pius is a “hard worker who knows exactly what he’s doing.” Pius is excited to continue his education


Lemerketo Suleiman Lemerketo Suleiman
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