Lemoyong Mathew




He was born in August of 2001 and is the first born of a family of six boys. Mathew’s father passed away roughly five years ago, and his mother, who never attended formal schooling, works as a ranger in the Kalama conservancy.

Mathew never attended preschool as a young boy. Before his father passed away, Mathew was in charge of looking after the goats. However, one Mathew’s grandmother visited the family and asked Mathew’s parents to allow him to go to school. At that point, she lived alone and proposed Mathew coming to live with her, keep her company and attend the school nearby. Mathew’s parents agreed, and he was able to start Learata Primary School in 2011. As Mathew got older, he transferred to another Thorntree School, Sereolipi Primary. Mathew’s mother wanted her son to do well in school so that he can assist the family, since she earns so little.

While at Sereolipi Primary School, Mathew found Science as his favorite subject. He loved the topics and would study and read about scientific topics in his spare time. He also loved playing football, like most Kenyan young men. He played for the school football team. When not on the field or in the classroom, Mathew enjoyed drawing or participating in the health club, which teaches students about cleanliness, sanitation and working to keep the school and it’s grounds clean for students and staff. Mathew is a talkative young man and found himself elected Class 8 prefect.


Mathew Lemoyong Mathew Lemoyong
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