Lemperelaur Colombia




Colombia was born in 2004 and is the third of eight children in his family. Colombia lives with his mother and father near Sereolipi town. Neither of his parents have any formal education and instead live a traditional pastoralist lifestyle, following their animals to pasture and migrating when needed. Due to a cattle raid when Colombia was very young, his family has no animals. Since there were no animals to look after, Colombia’s parents sent him to school. Only Colombia and his younger sister are in school.

Colombia started school in 2011 at Omar Pre-School and in 2012, Colombia was promoted to Sereolipi for primary school. From the very beginning, he loved school. His mother has always encouraged him to do well and he is determined not to let her down. His favorite subject is mathematics and hopes to go to school to become an engineer! In addition to being a strong student, Colombia was a member of the health club and their responsibility was keeping the school neat and tidy to promote cleanliness and health. He is recognized by his classmates as being very cheerful and was chosen as class prefect in Class 8, which is a highly coveted position! In his spare time, you could find him singing in both the school and church choir.


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