Lemursia Bella




Bella is the oldest child in a family of seven. Both his parents studied through eighth grade, but neither had the option to continue their studies. They have encouraged all of their children to go to school and Bella will be the first to continue his education in high school. His parents, like most Samburu, are nomadic pastoralists who are currently living near the village of Lerata. Unfortunately, his family lost most of their livestock in the drought and only have a few goats left to live on. School is Bella’s only option to improve his life and to help his family. At Lerata Primary School, Bella was always one of the top three students in class. He achieved 300 in his KCPE exams and has a place at Maralal High School which is a national school. In primary school, Bella was most interested in Science and Math, with a recent interest in the circulatory system. When he isn’t studying, he enjoys reading and playing soccer. His favorite stories are those that take place in the past. Bella is excited to join high school this year and is eager to continue his education so he can find the right path for his future.


Bella Lemursia with his family a Bella Lemursia With His Family A
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