Lemursia E Kibaki




Emmilio was born in August of 2004 and is named after Kenya’s third president, Emmilio Kibaki. Emmilio was being born as Kibaki was being sworn in as president! He is the fourth of six children in the family. Each of his older three siblings attended school for some time, but were unable to continue on to college because of the cost. His two younger siblings both attend Lerata Primary School. Between each of his siblings attending some school and his parents both attending some primary school when they were younger, Emmilio’s family is a rarity in Samburu. His parents said that they took him to school with one simple dream for Emmilio to know how to read and write!

In 2012, Emmilio started attending primary school and from the very beginning, he has been at the top of his class. His favorite subject is science and he loved learning about biology and anatomy. He hopes to become a doctor in the future, making him the first doctor in his community. In addition to being an excellent student Emmilio was a member of the Elephant Club, which was responsible for keeping the school grounds clean and planting and taking care of trees. In class four, his classmates elected him prefect and then again in class eight. As the class eight prefect, he was in charge of water and electricity for the students and dormitory. In his free time, he loves playing soccer. All and all, Emmilio is a wonderful student and determined young man.


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