Lemursia Jomilly




In 1998 at Learata village in Samburu East District Jomilly Lemursia a third son of Mr. and Mrs. Lemursia and forth born of nine children was born. He later after six years through the help of his mother joined Learata Pre School.
His mother who was very caring, in order to save him from the cultural norm of giving ones son to look after a relative’s animals; that is if the family doesn’t have animals of their own, decided to take him to school so that no relative will claim him as well she had seen how helpful education was to their children especially after taking Jomilly’s elder brother to school who was helping them (parents ) learn how to speak Kiswahili ( Kenyan National Language).
His family live in Learata and ther are traditional nomadic pastoralists and he is the second person in his family to go to school and complete primary education successfully. His elder brothers herd the family 2 cows in turns and his role model brother is now in form 2. The family lost 95% of their animals in the last drought and they now own just the 2cows.
Jomilly achieved marks of 248 on his KCPE exams. He is looking forward to going to technical school. He wants to be a carpenter so he can get a good job. He has a strong sense of duty and responsibility. He believes he has been chosen by his community and family to go to school so that he can get a job to help mitigate their poverty.


Jomilly Jomilly
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