Lemursia Nkupei




Nkupei Lemursia was born in 2003 and is the last born in a family of three boys. Nkupei’s father passes away when he was very young and so he lives with his mother in Learata village. Nkupei’s mother never went to school and lives the traditional Samburu lifestyle. During the holidays when he is not at school, Nkupei helps his family by looking after the animals, fetching water and cooking.

In 2010, Nkupei joined Learata Preschool. Nkupei’s mother had not planned to take him to school. Nkupei eventually followed an older friends to school and before he knew it, his mother allowed him to stay! In 2011, Nkupei was enrolled in Learata Primary School and since then he has consistently been in the top of his class. His best subject is mathematics. Since beginning school he says that it was the easiest in school. During his free time, he loves playing football. In Class 8, he was selected class prefect, which taught him how to respect everyone and help maintain order. Overall, Nkupei is a curious boy who is always wanting to learn more! After high school and university, Nkupei wants to be a teacher so he can come back and teach more Samburu kids.


Lemursia Nkupei Lemursia Nkupei
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