Lemursia Peter




Peter was born in 1995. He comes from a traditional Samburu nomadic family that lives in the Lerata area. He has two older brothers who look after the family’s cows and goats. He has three younger brothers that are at school and he has two very young sisters who have just started preschool.

In 2009 he had 6 months off school due an injured leg that became infected. This adversely affected his grades but he still managed 289 in his KCPE exams.
He has a place at Sagana Technical institute to study electrical wiring and he is very much looking forward to getting a good job when he leaves. As the first person in his family that ever went to school he feels a strong sense of responsibility to prove the value of his education to his family and the community as a whole.


Peter Lemursia Peter Lemursia
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