Lenai Robert




Robert graduated from Sereolipi Primary School in 2008. He was the second highest scoring student in 2008 in the Samburu East division. He scored 361 on his KCPE exams. He has been offered a place at Alliance High School in Nairobi which is the very best school in the country.

Robert’s father was a policeman who was posted all over the country but he based his family in Rumruti a small town in western Samburu. This is where Robert grew up and when he was 6 years old he joined the local school and did very well. However in 2000 his father died and Robert, his mother and his younger sister were left without any income. They moved to Maralal and looked for work but there were no jobs and Robert’s mother started to brew an illicit brew called changaa. She took Robert out of school to help her with this. Robert lived in Maralal working this way for 2 years. He was not happy with the situation and very much regretted leaving school. Robert’s uncle, who lived in Sereolipi visited the family regularly and he could see that Robert was unhappy and as Robert became a teenager he worried that if the situation continued Robert would take to the streets and might eventually start living a life of crime. So he decided to take Robert back with him to Sereolipi and he enrolled him in Sereolipi Primary School. Robert joined in Standard 7 and he completed Standard 8 last year.

Robert has enormous courage and persistence. He is well aware what his life would be like without this chance at a good education.


Lenai Robert Lenai Robert
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