Lenaipa Lawrence




Lawrence Lenaipa was born in 1988. He comes from a large Samburu family of seven children and three step-brothers and sisters. Sadly, three of his siblings were killed by bandits in 2001. His family has faced great hardship in recent months due to the drought. They have no more cows and only a few goats left.

Lawrence went to Sereolipi Primary School when he was 11 years old – most children go when they are 6 or 7. He has been a committed student and a keen sports player – he represented his school twice at the district level on the soccer team.

Despite his hard work, he graduated with marks of only 215 – not enough to qualify him for a good secondary school. However Lawrence was not discouraged and immediately applied to and was accepted by Isiolo Youth Polytechnic to study for a mechanical engineering course. This two year course will help him achieve his career goal of joining the army and becoming an army officer.


lenaipa lawrence Lenaipa Lawrence
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