Lenaisula Josephat




Josephat was born in 1996. He comes from Karuo village which is about 20 kilometers from Sereolipi and he has been a boarder at Sereolipi Primary School since the age of 6 years. He achieved marks of 331 in his KCPE exams and says that since class 6 he has vied for top place with 2 or 3 of his classmates.

Josephat is the first born and has 3 younger brothers and 2 younger sisters. His parents and their families are nomadic pastoralists and they have no education at all but when his father and mother got married they decided that they would try to send all of their children to school. They were well aware of the harshness of living life on the edge of survival and they wanted their children to have a chance of something more. They have taught their children all the knowledge of herding and Samburu culture but they want them to be able to choose their own life. There is a preschool in Karuo and all the siblings started there. His father is very supportive of Josephat’s studies. He wants him to be “an important person” and to live a less harsh life.


Josephat  full shot Josephat Full Shot
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