Lenailoj  Longidae Jackson




Jackson was born in 1995 and he is the third born of seven children. His parents are nomadic pastoralists living in the Sereolipi area. They were heavily affected by the most recent drought and they lost the majority of their animals. They are left with only 2 cows and 5 goats which makes them very poor even by Samburu standards. Jackson’s two older siblings look after the animals and live a traditional Samburu lifestyle. And Jackson was destined for this life too. In fact at the age of 8 he was looking after a flock of 30 goats everyday. However in 2004 an uncle of Jackson’s convinced his parents that it was important for Jackson to get an education. His mother decided to try it and Jackson loved school from the very first day. Through Jackson’s success, his family now sees the benefits of going to school and are proud of his accomplishments. Jackson scored 288 on the KCPE exam. He notes that among academics, which he “very much enjoys,” he has benefitted from learning languages that enable him to speak with visitors. For the future, Jackson is focused on helping his family while also aiming for a profession that is “highly respected and which pays well “so that he can assist his siblings with their school fees in the future snd help his family through the frequent droughts.


Jackson Lenailoj in blue T-shirt,his mother and other siblings Jackson Lenailoj In Blue T-Shirt,His Mother And Other Siblings
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