Lenamuge Juma Gabriel




In 2003, Juma started school at Pareu Preschool, a nomadic preschool that took place under a tree about an hour’s walk from his home. It consisted of a blackboard propped against a large shady thorn tree and there he learned his numbers and ABCs. As the youngest son, he was responsible for helping with his family’s animals and wasn’t expecting to attend school. However, when his younger sister made the decision to withdraw, Juma’s parents encouraged him to take her place at the preschool. After one year, he enrolled at Ndonyo Wasin Primary School. Juma excelled at school and was at the top of his class all eight years. Juma scored 333 marks in his KCPE exams in 2011 and he has a place at Nkubu High School one of the best schools in the country. He is a well-spoken, charismatic and enthusiastic student whose consistently strong academic results have already allowed him to contribute to his family (5kg of maize flour, 3kg of sugar and cloth are awarded to the top student). Juma’s family now lives in Nesesiai, a community that is approximately 10km from Ndonyo Wasin. Like most Samburu, his family relies solely on their livestock for their livelihood. His family has suffered from the very bad drought in the past two previous years. Even with his eldest brother’s help (John teaches at the Ndonyo Wasin Primary School), his family is not able to support themselves and have enough to help him pay for high school. His mother has encouraged him to work hard to earn a scholarship so he can continue his studies because “nobody can take away his education which can always help him, not like the animals which can all die in the drought.” When asked what he enjoys doing, Juma happily replies that he loves learning. He likes to learn about people around the world and their lives. He also enjoys football (soccer) and running long-distance.


Lenamuge Juma Gabriel Lenamuge Juma Gabriel
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