Lenamunyi Lino




Lino was born in 1989 in Sereolipi village. He is the 4th born son of a family of 8 children. Lino’s father, Timothy is a retired senior assistant chief of Sereolipi. As an assistant chief he earned less than $100 a month. He is very committed to education – all 8 of his children have attended Sereolipi Primary School and he is an active member of school committee. Lino’s mother doesn’t work but she has a small heard of goats and a few cows which have been devastated by the recent drought.

He joined Sereolipi primary in 1998. Lino is talkative, confident and friendly boy. He has a natural ability at athletics and loves football. In 2006, he graduated from his 8th grade with a score of 215 marks. These marks were too low for him to be accepted into a good secondary school. However Lino applied to join technical school to be a carpenter and has been accepted by Isiolo Youth Polytechnic. He hopes in the future to have his own carpentry workshop. This is a great opportunity for him and we have no doubt that with his personality and energy he will go far.


lenamunyi lino Lenamunyi Lino
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