Lenamunyi Nakuchuk Rose-Paula




Date of birth: Rose-Paula was born in December 2000
KCPE results: 316
Family: Rose-Paula’s family live on the edge of Sereolipi village. Her family are traditional nomadic pastoralists and for a few years her father was assistant chief in the area. Like everyone else in the area they live off their cows and goats
Schooling: Rose- Paula started her education at the tiny Omar preschool in Sereolipi. When she was 6 she joined Sereolipi Primary School and she has consistently been among the top students in her class. Rose-Paula is very bright and hardworking – she is also outgoing, talkative and confident. There is not a person in the village that doesn’t know her well! She is creative and curious and likes to explore new things. Last year she was elected by teachers and students to be head girl and she was also head of the school choir. She was an active member of the Health club, with special responsibility to mobilize the children to keep the school clean. She played for the school soccer team as defender and she was on the volleyball team.
In her final KCPE exam in grade 8, she scored 311 marks. She has a place at Ahero girls’ High School, which is one of the best schools in the country.


Lenamunyi Nakuchuk Rosepaula Lenamunyi Nakuchuk Rosepaula
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