Lenanyekie Amos Ljaliwas




Date of birth: Amos was born in March 2001
KCPE results: 339
Family: Amos comes from the Sirata area. He is the second born of five children. He has 4 brothers and one sister. His family is a very traditional nomadic pastoralists living on the milk, meat and blood of their cows and goats. During the droughts his father and brothers will migratethey will travel up to 200 kilometers in search of grazing and water for their animals.

Schooling: In 2004 a new Thorn Tree pre-school opened up in the Sirata area near their manyatta. Amos’s father, in agreement with the majority of elders in his area, had decided that he would send one of his children to school and he chose Amos. The school took place under a large shady tree with a black board propped against its tree trunk. He did very well and qualified to join Ndonyo Wasin Primary school in 2007. He is the first and only child in his family to go to school.

Since he started at primary school Amos has consistently been at the top of his class. He is capable of any class work and has excelled in all his subjects. He has strong leadership skills and was form captain in classes 6 and 7. He was the chairman of the Health Club and was able to marshal 50 or more students together to clean up, not only the school compound, but the whole village. During the final year he was in charge of all the mathematics groups and selected their papers and organized their work plans. He has excellent social intelligence and was one of the best debators in the school. Amos is very sociable and was popular throughout the school for his sense of humor and his optimistic outlook.

In his KCPE examination he scored 339 marks and was the top student in his class. He was offered a place at Siakago high school in Embu, one of the best schools in the country.


Lenanyekie Amos Lenanyekie Amos
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