Lenanyekie Barak Chrismas




Chrismas was born in 1999. He joined Ndonyo Wasin Primary School when he was 4 years old. It was not until he was in class 5 that we found out that he was 18 months younger than any other student in his class. He was struggling with mathematics and so we asked him to stay back one year. Since then he has been consistently in the top 10 in his class. In his final exams in grade 8 he achieved marks of 306. Christmas is a hard working and committed student who takes his studies very seriously. He is a great reader has been reading 40 or more books a year since he first learned to read. He is very popular and sociable and has a reputation for not being afraid to challenge a teacher when he thinks he might have made the wrong choice. He was dorm prefect and on the debate team.
Christmas’s mother is one of the matrons at the school – she volunteered to help the youngest boys when the dormitories were first opened. His father is a traditional Samburu pastoralist and their cows and goats are their source of food. Christmas is the eldest of 6 siblings. He and his youngest sister are only ones to go to school. His other brothers and sisters look after the goats and cows for their father


Chrismas Barak Lenanyekie Chrismas Barak Lenanyekie
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