Lenanyekie Kelvin




Born in 2005, Kelvin is the seventh of eight children in his family. Although Kelvin’s mother and father never attended school, four of their children have been able to attend school. Kelvin’s family lives in Ndonyo Wasin, where his parents both live a traditional Samburu lifestyle, moving their livestock from place to place, in search of pasture and water. When he is not in school, Kelvin helps his family look after the animals as well. However, Kelvin’s father knew it was important to send some of his children to school because the traditional way of life is dictated by seasons and weather conditions. When a drought falls upon the Samburu, the family’s livestock can be completely wiped out.

When Kelvin was just four years old, his father took him to Ndonyo Wasin Preschool. Kelvin was very young and quite small and it took him two years to adapt to school routines and learn the prerequisite skills needed for primary school. Once Kelvin arrived at Ndonyo Wasin Primary in 2011, he never looked back. He quickly fell in love with Kiswahili class and credits his Class 7 teacher for helping him become more confident with the language. This relationship is one of the reasons Kelvin dreams of becoming a teacher. Not one to wait to seize an opportunity, Kelvin has been tutoring his peers and younger students for some time. In addition to focusing on his academics, Kelvin enjoys playing football and his time with the wildlife club, where he learned how to rescue a variety of animals and plant trees. Kelvin is a confident young man and we can’t wait to see what high school brings his way!


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