Lenanyekie Nkinilai




Jeremiah is one of seven children in his family, three of whom have been able to attend school. The other four children live a traditional Samburu lifestyle, either helping with the livestock and around the home. Neither of Jeremiah’s parents went to school and both live a nomadic lifestyle—living off the land and moving with to where they can find water and food for their animals.
Following in the footsteps of the second born in his family, Jeremiah was able to attend Sereolipi Primary School. Grateful for his education, Jeremiah has always been a focused and determined learner. He enjoys Social Studies because it teaches him about the world around him, both near and far. Like many of his Kenyan peers, he loves playing football as well, playing for his primary school team. Jeremiah’s studious nature led him to a score over 300 on his national exam, launching him into high school.


Nkinilai Lenanyekie Nkinilai Lenanyekie
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