Lenarantile Ltutuki andrew




Ltutuki comes from a traditional nomadic family in Sereolipi. He was born in 1990 and is the 4th born son of a family of 7 children. His parents depend on livestock for their livelihood. However last year his family’s 80 cows and 200 goats were devastated by the prolonged drought that hit Northern Kenya and they are now left with only 5 cows and 20 goats.

Ltutuki has been attending Sereolipi Primary School since 1998. While at school, he participated actively in athletics and football and he represented his school at the divisional level. Ltutuki has a reputation as a great team player and was always one of the most proactive boys in school approaching everything with great optimism and energy. He graduated in December 2006 with marks of 285 in his national exams. He was the second best student in the school. Ltutuki has been admitted to Kirisia Secondary School in Maralal. He is delighted with the scholarship and he promises to do his very best at school.


lenarantile ltutuki Lenarantile Ltutuki
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