Lenantoiye Kelvin Lobaru




Kelvin was born in 1999 and he is the oldest child in a family of six. He is the first person in his family to ever go to school. Kelvin helped his mother with the family goats from when he was just 4 years old when he was very young but when he was 6 years old he visited the nearby primary school in Ndonyo Wasin and was mesmerized by all the students learning their numbers and ABCs. He went back the next day and enjoyed it even more and went home and asked his mother if he could also go to school.

Kelvin’s family is a traditional nomadic pastoralist family and they have only a few goats —- they live in a manyatta close to Ndonyo Wasin village.

Kelvin has always been in the top 3 in his class. He is a very hard working and focused student. In November 2013 he took his final KCPE exams and he had marks of 332. He plays for the soccer team and was scout troop leader last year. He is very sociable and always a lead actor in the school plays. His favorite place in the school is the library and he is a strong reader.


Kelvin Lobaru Lenantoiye Kelvin Lobaru Lenantoiye
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