Lenawuarungu Phillip




Phillip was born in 2004 and is the second born in a family of seven children. He is the first in his family to attend school! Neither of his parents ever went to school. His family lives in Marti village and his family lives a traditional Samburu lifestyle. His mother tends to the livestock and his father has a small kiosk in Ndonyo Wasin where he sells basic items. The family owns roughly 20 animals (goats, sheep and cows), making them very poor by local standards.

Phillip began attending Marti Preschool when he was roughly six years old. Their learning took place under an acacia tree and the teacher used a portable blackboard. Phillip considers himself very lucky to be able to attend school at all. Before starting preschool, Phillip looked after the family’s young goats. But one day, his father saw the neighbor children going to Marti Preschool and inquired about sending Phillip as well. From that day on, his was a natural in school. in 2011, he began Ndonyo Wasin Primary School, where he fell in love with English class. He loves reading books and you could often find him in the school library. In his free time, he enjoy playing football and participating in the Wildlife Club, where they were trained to be wildlife rescue ambassadors to the community. Phillip is also an active member of his church, where he is the chairman of the altar servers. He is always happy, enthusiastic about school and life, and hopes to become a doctor someday.


Phillip Lenawuarungu Phillip Lenawuarungu
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