Leneepe P Diana




Diana was born in 2005 and is the second of four children. Diana’s mother attended school through eighth grade and is a trained tailor, while her father works as a teacher. Since both of her parents have been educated, they sent Diana to school so she can be an independent woman in the future.

Diana joined Ndonyo Wasin preschool in 2012 and then joined Sere Olipi Primary School the following year. From the very beginning, her teachers and family encouraged her to do well in school so she would be able to live a choice filled life. She has not let them down. While in school, Diana’s favorite subject is science. She enjoys the content and appreciates the connections she finds between what she is learning in the classroom and day to day life. She would like to be a science teacher after college and come back to Samburu to teach students. In addition to being a great student, she enjoys entertaining and is a member of the Drama club. She was also a member of the Health club, meaning she was responsible for teaching her peers about the importance of cleanliness and washing before meals and each morning and night.


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