Lengalen Benedict




Benedict is from the settlement of Sordo which is in the Wamba area of Samburu. His family are traditional nomadic pastoralists. He has 2 brothers and one sister and his father died in 2003.

When Benedict was just 6 years old he met a relative who spent some time showing Benedict how to write his name and teaching him the letters of the alphabet. Benedict was excited by it and he begged his parents to send him to school. Just before his father’s death, Benedict joined class one. Throughout his time at school he has been a dedicated student and always at or near the top of his class.

He achieved marks of 340 in his final exams. He was the best student in his school and got a place at a very good provincial school in Kericho. His mother has 4 cows and 17 goats. To supplement their income she sells snack food — Githeri, tea and mandazi at the local livestock market every week.


Benedict Benedict
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