Lengerpei Ltiripwa Ambrose




Ambrose started school in 2003 at the Mewua Preschool, a nomadic preschool that had opened just a couple of kilometers from his home. It consistted of a blackboard propped against a large shady thorn tree and there he learned his numbers and ABCs. One year later, he came to Ndonyo Wasin Primary School as a boarding student. Since joining, Ambrose has done well academically and enjoys his math classes the most. When he takes a break from studying, he enjoys reading and participating in athletics with his friends, especially volleyball and soccer. Ambrose achieved marks of 275 on his KCPE exams and has a place at St Pius X school in Meru. Ambrose is the oldest child with two younger brothers and two younger sisters. His family is a very traditional nomadic pastoralist family who live off the milk and blood from their cows and goats. They move constantly in search of pasture and water for their animals. Ambrose and only one of his sisters are in school because the family needs the other children to take care of the cows and goats. Ambrose’s father enrolled Ambrose in school so that Ambrose could have a less harsh life. According to his father, “with his education, Ambrose will be able to find a job and send money home to his family when times are tough. He will also be able to become a respected leader in the family and local area because of his education and experiences outside of the community.” Both his mother and father are relying on Ambrose to do well, and Ambrose is eager to find his own success so he can help his family lead a less difficult life.


Lengerpei Ambrose Ltiripwa Lengerpei Ambrose Ltiripwa
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