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Date of birth: Gladys was born in 25th September 2002
KCPE results: 300
Family: Gladys comes from an area called Solatinga, about 8km from Sereolipi village. She lives with her mother and seven other siblings. Since a young age, her father has not been involved in her life. Her mother is everything to her. Her family are very traditional nomadic pastoralists who live solely off the milk, meat and blood of their animals.
Schooling: In 2007, Gladys’ mother took her to Lturuya preschool, which took place under the shadiest tree around with a blackboard propped against the tree trunk. The teacher was a warrior with just a few years of schooling himself. Gladys’ mother had a sister who was educated and it was Gladys’ aunt who encouraged her sister to educate all of her children. In 2009, Gladys joined Sereolipi Primary School.
Gladys is a very confident girl. Has an easy way of expressing herself and very good in answering questions—a trait not always present with traditional Samburu girls. She knows exactly why she is at school and is determined to excel. She is hard working, persistent and disciplined. She is outgoing, enthusiastic and popular with everyone. Kiswahili is her favorite subject and she loves reciting both Swahili and English poems. She took it upon herself to help younger students in the library and was Class 7’s prefect. Gladys has a strong sense of fairness and is willing to speak up for anything she thinks is right.
She achieved marks of 300 in her KCPE exams and received a place at Coulson Girls High School, a top school in Kenya.


Gladys Antonia Lengima Gladys Antonia Lengima
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